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HOA Tax Help will let you complete the IRS tax return form 1120-H for a condominium or a homeowners association in just a few steps.

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Gather information

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Answer a few simple questions

Step 3:

Sumbit and print the completed 1120-H

Step 4:

Sign and mail the return

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Enter in your Association’s name and email and we will notify you when the 2022 1120-H Form is ready to file and you will receive a coupon code for 80% off the 2022 filing cost.

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File Your Own Taxes, with help from  HOA Tax Help 

Don’t be afraid to file your own association tax return.  You may be a bit confused on what the forms mean, however you are not in this alone.  HOA Tax Help is here to help remove the doubts you have, so you can fill out and file your own homeowner association taxes with confidence and spend less than you ever thought possible in the process.  Our calculations are based on the IRS tax law and you most likely won’t even need a calculator to complete the forms with our help.

Product Comparision

Features HOA Turbotax TaxAct Tax Preparer
Price $49 $170 $124.95 Average $250
Filing Options
Filing Deadline Reminders
Phone Support
Save Information
1120-H Form Specific Questions
Association Specific Guidance
Taxable Income Calculation