What if my Association hasn’t filed a tax return in a few years?

Haven’t filed your association taxes in a few years and wondering what to do about it?

The first thing to do is locate the last tax return that was filed. This serves a few purposes, because the tax return has a lot of the information you will need to file additional returns. The information you will need includes:

  1. The Name of the Association
  2. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  3. Formation date of the Association

All three of these items should be on a prior year tax return, but if you can’t locate a prior year tax return there are a few other places to check.

To find the name of the Association check for the official name as recorded with the State or in the governing documents of the Association.

The EIN can be found either on the last tax return filed or from the letter received when the Association originally filed for the number. If you can’t find the EIN in your Associations documents, contact the Association’s bank. An EIN was required to setup your Association’s bank account and the bank will have the number on file.

The formation date will be shown in the governing documents or check with your Secretary of State to determine the formation date of your Association.

What Comes Next?

When you have this information, it is important that you file the current return that is due first. An Association only has a year from the date the 1120-H was originally due to file the return. If the return is filed by this time the Association must use a different form to file a return, usually Form 1120 for corporations.

Once the current year return is filed, it is then time to go back and determine the best course of action for completing and filing past year returns. Call or email us at HOA Tax Help and we can help your Association get caught up with past year returns.

Enter in your Association’s name and email on our contact form and we will alert you in the future when your Association’s tax return is due so you don’t miss filing deadlines going forward.

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