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The 2022 Form 1120-H will be available  January of 2023.  Enter your email and Association’s name and we will notify you when the 2022 Form 1120-H is available to file.

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HOA Tax Help provides an easy to use self help solution to preparing your Homeowners or Condominium Association’s IRS Tax Form, 1120-H. Doug and John created HOA Tax Help to make it simple for owner associations to fill out there tax form, the 1120-H on their own, with confidence.  Many struggle to understand some of the terminology on the forms and that can scare people off from filling out the tax paperwork.  We at HOA Tax Help have developed a tool to remove the confusion and help with the calculations so HOA/COA boards without the need of a CPA.  Rest assured both of the owners of HOA Tax Help are CPAs with decades of experience each.  Most tax preparation services run somewhere between $150-$500 but with our help you can fill out your own tax paperwork for a small fraction of the price.  What makes our service so easy to use is the language we’ve used in the questionnaire.  We have taken the complex tax jargon of the IRS and converted it to plain, easy to understand English.  With this important communication barrier eliminated, you can walk forward with the peace of mind that you not only got your taxes done correctly, but you helped reduce the financial burden on your association by doing the work with our help.

Why use our service?

Easy to Use

Plain English Wording instead of Tax Jargon

Save Money

Costs a Fraction of CPA Services

24/7 Availability

No Appointment Needed for Software Assistance