About Us

HOA Tax Help was started with the purpose of making the required IRS reporting Form 1120-H as simple as possible for an HOA board member to complete.  John and Doug have been preparing taxes for Homeowners and condominium associations for over 20 years.  As CPA’s John and Doug saw that the Form 1120-H  tax return was a large profit margin for most CPA firms.  Most CPA’s or tax preparers can prepare an 1120-H tax return in about 15 minutes, which includes a coffee break.

Tax preparers charge between $150 and $500 to complete Form 1120-H, not a bad hourly rate for preparing a 15 minute form….

What keeps most association board members or managers from filing their own return is that the wording and instructions on Form 1120-H can be confusing if you don’t have lots of experience filing the form. HOA TAX Help has made completing the 1120-H faster than sending the information to your CPA for preparation at a fraction of the cost. The questions are written in plain English and not IRS tax jargon. The calculations are built on IRS regulations and tax law. 95% of association won’t even need a calculator to complete the Form on HOA Tax Help, nor will they owe any tax.